Judy Hall’s Complete Crystal Workshop



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From crystal expert Judy Hall comes a fascinating book that gives you a personalized, practical and direct experience of the thought-provoking wisdom that crystal exploration has conveyed to thousands throughout the world. Going far beyond a reference guide, The Crystal Experience is more like a personal tutor, leading you through the key ideas and concepts of using crystals via inspirational and holistic hands-on exercises and rituals.

Features interactive exercises that help you to tailor the book to your needs, journaling sections for you to write down your own experiences and a step-by-step learning programme that guides you to revision work and more advanced exercises. Perfect for novice and practised crystal users alike, this holistic, integrated and practical guide is your own personal crystal workshop in a book.

Judy Hall is a leading authority on crystals and spiritual development. She has over 40 years’ experience in crystal healing, karmic astrology and past-life therapy. She is the author of over 40 books, including the bestselling The Crystal Bible (2003) and The Crystal Bible 2 (2009) and The Crystal Bible 3 (2013). The Crystal Bible has sold over 1 million copies worldwide and Judy’s books have been translated into over 15 languages. Judy has recently been voted the 2014 Kindred Spirit MBS personality of the year and she recently appeared in the Watkins Review of the one hundred most spiritually influential authors.


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