NLP and the Power of Now

I loved listening to Eckhart Tolle’s books on the Power of Now. I usually have time to listen at the gym or on the back of my husband’s motorcycle as we take in the amazing scenery in a few hundred mile radius of Las Vegas.

Tolle tells you ways that you can more often be in the Now moment, where the eternal moment exists.

I listened to Tolle before I started my nearly obsessive studies of NLP (nothing but NLP, thank you!). I remember watching an NLP video of a trainer showing a very cool technique. I emailed him and asked him to show me a technique that could get me to that Now moment more often.

I did not hear back from him.

Well, now it’s my turn.

Now that I am an NLP Trainer, and work with clients, I can share with you what I’ve found in to be helpful to help my clients and myself live more in the Now.

  1. The first technique is modeling excellent behavior. In this case it would be modeling people who meditate. Meditation is the practice of simply being in the now, and attempting to do so without inner commentary or mental wandering. Your mind will always wander (email me immediately if your mind does not wander!) Meditation in this case is like a short (5 – 30 minute) exercise in being in the Now. It gets conditioned to the Now state.
  2. Allow your feelings to be part of your Now moment. Yes, they are distracting, we like to “shoo” them away, but as you know, they come back. Allowing yourself to feel your feelings can actually help you stay in the eye of the storm.
  3. A wonderful way to get into the Now is by first noticing your breath, then notice what you are feeling emotionally, now physically, now be aware of sounds, maybe some sounds you have not noticed before. If your eyes are open, notice what you see. Notice some things you have not been aware of before. Awareness of your senses bring you into what you are experiencing Now.
  4. Techniques to help you remove negative emotions and limiting decisions from the past, like NeuroTrek Journeys help you have less “static” so you can be in the Now.
  5. Doing energy clearing techniques can also help remove the “static” that we pick up along the way.

We don’t have to wait for the right time to experience as Tolle says, The Power of Now.

Besides, one minute ago is just as reachable to us as when the dinosaurs were here. One minute from now is as far away as distant galaxies. We only have this eternal Now moment that traverses through an illusion of time, for Now.

Source by Nannette DiMascio