Kama Yogi – The Ayurvedic Sexual Performance Guide

It is a well known fact that a balanced diet, mental hygiene, physical cleanliness and a healthy sexual life are primary requirements for leading a healthy life, and continue with it on a long-term basis. While one can take care of diet and hygiene from books, videos and various reviews, a proper guidance towards leading a healthy sex life is also vital. People are often misled on ‘what a healthy sex life is’ from all sorts of false information in printed and audio form available everywhere in the world. Keeping this in mind and taking into all considerations, the Kama Yogi eBook has been written; it is like a breath of fresh air among all the wrong, misleading and stale information so far read by us!

Then, what is so special about Kama Yogi? Kama Yogi is a 63-page long book that contains 165 color photographs of ancient ‘spiritual’ practices that help in increasing the libido power and vitality, and enhancing the sexual vigor.

With Kama Yogi, you have 5,000 years of Yogic wisdom for your easy understanding and reference. The eBook has multiple ‘Tantra’ and ‘Kundalini’ principles, and proven Yoga postures that focus on physical and spiritual sexuality.

The yoga postures are time tested yoga and meditation techniques that guarantee to enhance sexual vigor and sexual performance.

What are the benefits of Kama Yogi?

· Kama Yogi has the ability to arouse you sensually and satisfactorily.

· It has the ability to intensify your orgasms and reach you to newer heights.

· It is the ability to harden your erection and thereby, prolong your lovemaking time, leaving no space for your partner to complain.

· It has the ability to elevate your sexual drive to a higher platform.

· It has the ability to enhance your sexual pleasure, which you thought never existed in you.

To ensure that you receive all the benefits of Kama Yogi, you need to practice the given techniques on an empty stomach early in the morning. Not only practicing the techniques, you need to supplement your diet with Kama Raja capsules to further enhance your stamina.

With the supplement and Yogic techniques, try to eat a balanced diet three times a day and drink eight to ten glasses of water daily without fail. No excuses should be given in this regard. if you seriously want to heighten your sexual pleasures, then you have to follow these rules. If you adhere to the prescribed regimen, you will begin to notice the difference within the first week.

In Kama Yogi, you will find step-by-step guide to help increase your psycho-sexual power and improve your sex life. The images given in the eBook tell you whether you are doing the suggested postures correctly or not. It is all there for you to follow.

The healing powers of Yoga, as taught by Kama Yogi, and their effect on your sexual life are such that even an impotent man can regain his sexual vitality.

Source by D. More