Bermuda – A Scenic Island

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Bermuda is a popular island located by North Carolina, about 580 nautical miles east to the Atlantic Ocean. About 150 islands form this destination, but the total area is just 21 sq miles. Causeways as well as bridges connect the eight islands and give a shape of fish- hook to the land. The island is sprawled in a length of 22 miles. The land mass comprising of these eight islands is a single geographical entity. It is simply referred to as “the island”. Some cheapest airline plies their services to this unique destination.

Visitors coming to this city love to see the changing color of the sky overhead, mauves to amethysts and sometimes marine blue. When the twilight descends on the destination, a peaceful hush settles over everything. It is so relaxing sitting on the shore, watching the sun set, the faint slap of water touching the toes and the fragrance of honeysuckle and frangipani in the air. In order to enjoy these beautiful experiences, it is advisable to look for cheap airfare tickets available on many flights to Bermuda like Air France.

The group of islands forming this destination were created from volcanoes. Several million years back, the tips of volcanic mountains rose above the sea level and formed these islands. With hilly insides, these islands have been bordered by coral reefs. 259 feet are the height of the highest peak in the region. 9 parishes form this destination from a political point of view.

The destination enjoys a lot of diversity. A group of 140 islands that were spread towards the North Atlantic Ocean forms this destination. Located close to the Carolina Coast, the destination is established close to a scenic backdrop. The geography of this destination is characterized by beautiful coasts area. Close to the coast, there are cliffs and some of the area is rocky. The whole ambiance offers a wonderful charm.

Several islands forming this destination are not inhabited. Many foreigners have chosen to settle in and around 20 islets of this destination. The entire destination is a treasure trove of nature’s bounty. Only six of the islands are the centers of trade and economy. The destination is also a part of the British Colony. Bermuda is the biggest island among the surrounding islands. Some other prominent islands are Boaz, Somerset, Saint David’s, Saint George and many others. The main port is located in Hamilton that is also the capital of this marvelous destination. Cheap flights to Bermuda are readily available.

Underwater reefs add character to this wonderful destination. Coral lagoon is the most striking feature of this destination. The islands are about 260 feet above the level of the sea. The destination is nature’s extravaganza and a perfect destination for the vacationers. Availability of cheap tickets to Bermuda has reduced travel expenses considerably.

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