Listening to Our Inner Voice, The Month of Pisces 2015

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The Zodiac Month Ahead Listening to Our Inner Voice

What we all can expect from the forecast of our planetary skies from 18 February to 20 March

Making the Most of Our Cycle in Pisces

Sufi poet Rumi once said, “Be silent, like a fish.” This couldn’t be a better mantra for the sign of Pisces, The Fishes who more often than not, highly advise to take deep, extremely deep breathes in… and fully exhale. Repeat as necessary! As we collectively witness the passage of our Sun in Pisces for 2015, the energy has already been surging through this area of our life, as Venus and Mars recently prepared us for the light to shine here even brighter. Mars asked for us to pay close attention to what needed clearing, while Venus brought in her understanding to allow harmony to unfold if what needed to be released was not resisted. While the request to carefully listen and be silent is always favored in Pisces to unfold successful results, the collective will now find a finessing flow within the Fishes that it can swim forward within.

It is especially important to look to where the intuitive channel of The Fishes lives in your life, from both your sun sign and natal charts points of view. The Zodiac Month ahead completely calls to us all to engage in sympathy, understanding, spiritual pursuits, solitude and inner work. When we answer to this, there is light for us to receive allowing the natural gifts of Pisces to bless our experiences from this slice of life.

Where Does Your Sun Sign Wish For You to Listen to Your Inner Voice?

ARIES: Inner Work/Subconscious Study where I Process

TAURUS: Hopes/Dreams/Wishes where I Socialize

GEMINI: Career/Public Life where I Structure

CANCER: Higher Learning/Travel/Growth where I Believe

LEO: Regeneration/Change where I Transform

VIRGO: Partnerships where I Relate

LIBRA: Habits/Routines/Health where I Serve

SCORPIO: Creativity/Children/Love Affairs where I Create

SAGITTARIUS: Home/Family/Environments where I Nurture

CAPRICORN: Thinking/Mentalities where I Communicate

AQUARIUS: Earning Power/Values with what I Have

PISCES: Approaches/First Impressions with who I Am

Sun enters Pisces 18 February

Shine Light Upon Listening Within

While life as a Pisces is never one that doesn’t grace the soul with the ability to listen within more so than other Zodiac signs, our Sun’s journey within The Fishes will ask each and everyone of us to take a closer look at what is meant to shine from this area of our life in the weeks ahead. As the calling for empathy and sympathy is always strong in Pisces, our Sun will get very up close and personal with Neptune in it’s own current transit in Pisces, for the first part of its yearly visit here. Look to the first 10 to 12 days of our Sun in Pisces through the close of February to be especially “on” when it comes to what comes into your experiences from innate “knowing” wherever Pisces affects you. The psychic channel, will be wide open for anyone to receive it.

As the recent Mercury Retrograde 21 January to 11 February asked us to pause and take up in reflection in the previous sign of Aquarius, we truly did have the perfect legwork to embrace the last winter wisdom that Pisces is able to offer us. Considered the most spiritual of all the signs in the Zodiac, the true value here really comes from the listening one needs to do in Pisces in order to not become deceived, or choose to completely ignore what intuitive messages come by falling to addictive tendencies. The days of Pisces in March shine light upon what we are equally healing here as our Sun will become in close transit with Chiron, and the opportunities to cleanse old wounds will also be available from this slice of life. If there is pain involved, this truth only will let you know, trusting, honoring and having faith that what hurts: will set you free.

Mars enters Aries 19 February

Where Action, Motivation and Drive Thrives

Our Pioneer planet pre-paved the way for our Sun to shine in Pisces since 12 January, clearing out what we no longer needed from where The Fishes swim in our Zodiac Pies. Mars is a planet that promotes action, drive, motivation, desire, and a potent energy always offering up stimulation wherever he maybe visiting within our individual lives. Within Aries, strong and ardent desires coupled with primitive and abundant energy will provoke independence, enterprise and combativeness from this area of our lives. Beware of aggressive, conflicting and reckless behavior. While Mars is not afraid of “the fight” wherever he may travel- what actually places anyone in the winning advantage favors being the warrior to align with integrity to achieve completely favored results.

Venus enters Aries 20 February; Taurus 17 March

Where Harmony and Understanding Seek to be Understood

The Idealist Venus equally caught up to Mars and now journeys closely with him in the early degrees of Aries, before she’ll move ahead into Taurus. Venus is a planet that seeks pleasure, peace, understanding, balance and beauty to flow as naturally as it energetically can wherever she journeys. Within Aries, affections are more than impetuous, demonstrative and easily aroused, so people will be feeling “spring fever” before the season actually hits! Romantic adventure is completely enjoyed in this area of the life, wherein devotion to ideals and concentration on what is essential within this slice of life is favored to emerge.

Within Taurus where she’ll visit until 11 April, Venus tones down completely and grounds her energy to express strong, steadfast, physical and slow to unfold affections. Spending time in nature is purely enjoyed, while harmony can also be sought through art, music and any kind of contact with the value of the material. Honoring and appreciating the patient pace for this passage within The Bull will be wonderfully rewarded from your Taurus slice of life.

Saturn goes Retrograde in Sagittarius 11 March

Where Patience and Responsibility Call for Review

It’s the first turn for our Karmic Adjustor to take time to reflect within The Archer, and not before making one last touch back into Scorpio, 14 June to 17 September. Under Retrograde until 02 August, Saturn now asks for his long-term review and redo passage of the year when mindfulness is absolutely necessary within the individual are of life he is currently journeying through. Patient reconsideration is requested for our self-reliance here, which in the early degrees of Sagittarius, strive to develop our inspiration and cultivation of hope and charity. As much as one might feel the apparent restriction that is emerging from this slice of life, the request to slow down is happening for a very good reason.

Once back into Scorpio during the late Spring and Summer, whatever it is that is not being honored in truth from the very latter degrees of Scorpio, will require our power of investigation, penetration and emotional control in order to resolve them. By taking one last look at the genuine truth from this area of life no matter how hard it may hurt, we are asked to finally forgive and move on from whatever we have chosen to rely upon in any kind of emotional dependence where Scorpio yearns for us to align in the bigger picture to be seen within our lives.

Mercury enters Pisces 12 March

Where Communications Call for Intuition and Listening

Our Messenger is completely back to his “old self” and cruising around the Zodiac once again at his typical “quicksilver” pace. With the shadow of the recent Retrograde long over, his visit with Pisces will move and groove the energy that the light of the Sun, as well as the previous movement of Venus and Mars already stimulated here. As Mercury visits with The Fishes until 30 March, expect changes to emerge with plenty of receptive and still reflective information surrounding them. To avoid the illogical energy that Mercury in Pisces can bring, once again, it is the wisdom of the silent listen that will aide anyone at anytime from making unstable choices from the free will that naturally will present themselves to make at this time. Recognizing that our Messenger can be completely void of stability while in Pisces, calls for adaptability for this passage to be channeled rather chameleon-like, where subtle and diplomatic methods of expression are favored to achieve the best results.

New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Pisces 20 March

Where Deep and Imaginative Beginnings Unfold

Our first Solar Eclipse of 2015 accompanies the years’ 3rd New Moon, and arrives just hours before we officially enter the season of Spring. This will be a “tipping point” lunation and eclipse in where the request to adhere to grace under pressure will be ever present. Careful, careful understanding about what may be emotionally up heaving from this area of the life will be wise to prepare for. While the Solar Eclipse will trigger a long passage of initiating energy from the very last degree of Pisces, responding to what is new will be required as it more than likely will bring an emotional “punch” along with it that will not wish to be reacted to. Just as we are about to enter Spring, there will be an ever present request to listen as carefully as we possibly can to not misunderstand our imagination verses the reality that is right in front of us.

May you find the true power of the peace that comes from listening to the voice within in the Zodiac month ahead, and swim with ease in the silent time required to discern the light that shines upon us all.

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