Understanding the Meaning of Tantra

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There is a general lack of understanding among people concerning Tantra. What is Tantra? What benefits can Tantra have for me? There is no single solid definition for Tantra, as it can encompass several different subjective meanings and connotations. We can examine the common beliefs about Tantra, and explore its history and variety of definitions to get a better understanding of what Tantra is really all about.

Many people hear the word “Tantra” and automatically think of uninhibited sex, Asian religion, and different sexual positions such as those listed in the Kama Sutra. Others think about the free love fad of the 1960s or New Age sexual therapy. These are very general ideas that don’t really answer the major question.

What is Tantra?

Tantra is a sacred Hindu word that relates to the idea that everyone and everything in the universe are connected. There is a cosmic energy that keeps us all together in the world. Tantra is a mystical and spiritual idea that is rather complicated to explain. It has to do with the cosmic energy of the universe and how we connect with it.

To have a Tantric experience is to connect with cosmic energy in order to accomplish something. This something can be anything that you want, whether it be a physical pleasure, inner peace, or an external goal. Tantra is an open door to a stimulating and spiritual path that we are guided on with the help of the energy around us.

Some sex experts an yoga experts have been said to use and recommend Tantric methods of connecting with the universe. In Tantric sex, you learn to channel your own energy with your partner’s energy to achieve orgasm together. In yoga, you create a spiritual connection between your body and your inner self to find peace and relaxation.

On dictionary defines Tantra as “a form of yoga that teaches the attainment of ecstasy through esoteric, sometimes erotic, techniques.” Yet another dictionary explains Tantra as “a Hindu or Buddhist mystical or ritual text dating from the 6th to 13th centuries… adherence to the doctrines or principles of the tantras, involving mantras, meditation, yoga and ritual.”

Tantra is a spiritual experience. It is a mystical journey that helps you to find pleasure, fulfillment, and peace through meditation and connection with the universe around you. Explore the opportunities for yourself. WIth patience, you will discover what it is all about in time.

Source by Victor Epand